Downloadable Resources

Helpful guides for your diabetes care plan. Share, print, and carry them with you for a quick reference!

Basic Monthly Blood Sugar Log Sheet

A printable, easy-to-use blood sugar logging sheet to help you monitor your blood sugar levels.

Back-to-Work Breastfeeding Plan

Diabetes-Friendly Grocery Shopping List

A grocery shopping list that meets all of your dietary needs to make grocery shopping easier.

Color Variations in Breast Milk

A Guide To Living Well With Diabetes

Whether you're a newly diagnosed diabetic or someone who has been living with diabetes for a long time, this guide can simplify your management routine so you can enjoy life to the fullest.

Color Variations in Breast Milk

Diabetic Travel Checklist

Making healthy food choices is essential for diabetics, and one effective strategy is to replace unhealthy options with nutritious alternatives. Check out our suggestions within this guide and keep this to adopt healthier choices into your diet.

Color Variations in Breast Milk

Are you Drinking Too Much Sugar?

This guide puts sugar in drinks into a visual perspective that will change how you look at your beverage consumption.

Color Variations in Breast Milk

Healthy Swaps for a Diabetic Diet

If you’re looking for a method to double check that you’re covering all bases needed for your diabetic care and routine on-the-go, be sure to grab this checklist to ensure you do not forget necessary supplies.

Color Variations in Breast Milk