Who We Are

Aeroflow Diabetes helps patients obtain the continuous glucose monitoring supplies they need through their insurance benefits. We offer high-quality products to suit a variety of needs and ship supplies directly to your door each month.

Our Diabetes Specialists work to ensure that you are on the best continuous glucose monitoring system to suit your specific needs. Once you submit your information through our Check Your Eligibility form, we will verify your coverage and provide you with a curated selection of options available through your specific insurance plan.

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Our Mission

At Aeroflow Diabetes, our mission is to help those living with diabetes obtain the quality products they need to live healthier, happier lifestyles. 

The core of this mission starts with knowledge - from empowering patients with a simple painless way to always be aware of their glucose levels and proactively manage their own glycemic patterns to helping healthcare providers have the data available to prescribe the best course of treatment for every individual. We also strive to help patients understand the complexities of their insurance policies to ensure they are obtaining their supplies at the lowest possible cost.

At Aeroflow, we believe that open discussion and transparency leads to the best patient care, and we are here to support and advocate for our patients through their diabetes treatment.

Our Team

Director, Aeroflow Diabetes

Carson Moore

Medical Advisor

Victor Marlar, M.D.