Marlee Septak


Marlee Septak is the Marketing Copywriter for Aeroflow Urology. She has a passion for working with organizations that aim to better the world, such as Awareness Film Festival, The Borgen Project, and Aeroflow. She graduated from Columbia College Chicago and holds a Bachelor's degree in Journalism with a concentration in Magazine Writing. Marlee has contributed to various magazines and blogs, including Borgen Magazine, Echo Magazine, Chicago Ideas Week, Assuaged, and Peaceful Dumpling. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, trying new restaurants, and just sitting down with a good book.

How to Enjoy Halloween With Diabetes

Discover how to enjoy Halloween with diabetes as an adult so you can have a spooktacular holiday this fall!

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How to Choose a Medicare Advantage Plan for CGMs During Open Enrollment

It's time for open enrollment! Learn how to choose a Medicare plan that may help you get coverage for your continuous glucose monitors in 2024 so you can save money and time!

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Sugar Headaches & Diabetes

If you have headaches it might be related to diabetes. Read this article to find out about the connection. 

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Can Stress Cause High Blood Pressure?

Find out if stress and high blood pressure affect your diabetes management during National Blood Pressure Month.

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How to Get a CGM Under New Medicare Coverage Changes

Medicare coverage requirements for CGMs will be changing April 16, 2023. Find out what this means for you or your loved one with diabetes.

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Why Do People With Diabetes Get UTIs?

Do you get urinary tract infections? Find out why people with diabetes get them more commonly and read our 4 expert prevention tips.

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How to Reverse Kidney Damage From Diabetes

While kidney disease can be deadly, some people don't even know they have it until the end stages of the condition. Find out the signs of kidney disease and learn what you can do to keep your kidneys healthy.

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How to Lower Blood Sugar Fast

Is your blood sugar too high? Learn how to lower it quickly with these tips.

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Why Is My Blood Sugar High In the Morning?

Do you wake up with high blood sugar levels? Find out the 3 causes behind it and how you can bring them back down. 

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